China’s fresh betrayal!

China’s fresh betrayal!

Following its established practice, China has once again betrayed to India betwixt more than a month long standoff between the two armies and that too at a time when the country is suffering the worst Corona pandemic. That unfortunately resulted into violent clashes between them at PP14 in Galwan valley during the late evening/ night of June 15, thereby killing many soldiers of both sides including an Indian officer. Since then both the armies are in aggressive posturing over there and that has turned the so-obtained situation highly tense and volatile.


This is so as Beijing continues to maintain its claims over many points of dispute along Line of Actual Control (LAC) including PP14, despite agreeing to withdraw from this point in Corps Commander level talks, held on 6th June, 2020 at Moldo, opposite Chushul in eastern Ladakh. Obviously China has deliberately intruded into India’s territory at multiple points over the LAC, taking recourse to the issue of abrogation of Art 370 and 35A by the union government of India, obviously at the behest of Pakistan, as the reason for multiple intrusions along the LAC. Thus China has stabbed again into India’s back by pursuing its aggressive and imperialist policies with a view to pressurize New Delhi to follow an evolving China-dominated international order, instead of inclining much towards the US.

Today, the entire world knows that China is a very unpredictable and deceptive power because ‘its military power is in a position to alter the territorial status quo’, says a noted academic and journalist C. Raja Mohan. And it  is the shrewd land-grabbing practice of China that it deliberately intrudes into Indian side of the LAC, establishes its military posts and then extends claims over the captured area; taking advantage of the undefined border line (LAC) on ground. Similarly, Beijing has forcibly captured the entire South China Sea and is engaged in territorial disputes with almost all countries in Southeast Asia, besides Japan, South Korea, Russia, Bhutan, Mangolia and many more. Obviously, India needs to understand the Chinese imperialist-psyche and must devise effective-deterrent policy options to counter this policy.

But why China repeatedly pursues this policy against India is something that the political leadership of the country as well as the army leadership during past decades must answer. Why we Indians continue to trust Beijing despite suffering the worst betrayal in 1962 when Hindi-Chini Bhai-Bhai slogan was on the record high pitch and China invaded our territory and captured a large area of Aksai Chin? It again intruded at Sumdurong Chu valley in Arunachal Pradesh in 1984. Similarly, Beijing staged the Doklam confrontation against India in 2017 when New Delhi was sincerely working hard to revive the bilateral relations with it. Given this backdrop, it is clear that China has no respect for territorial unity and integrity of other nations; be they neighbours or are situated far away. In fact, Beijing has gone blind due to its superior military power and that has turned it like a big elephant always threatening the territorial sanctity of smaller power.


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Since the territorial unity and integrity of a country is always the supreme national interest, for that a country must – after exhausting all peaceful options – repel the intruder with full might and iron hand come what may be, instead of losing its territory in bits after bits. As a famous French revolutionary, Voltaire once said that, ‘I would like to be swallowed by a lion than being bitten by hundred rats.’ Perhaps, India could not muster this courage against China in the past to express the same, barring few exceptions like 1967, this is why the Chinese army still lives in the chimera of India’s poor defeat at their hands in 1962, and that always gives them a psychological edge over Indian army.

Obviously this must stop and, instead a tough and clear message reflecting firm determination of impending-bold-retaliatory measures against the intruder, be conveyed. Although it involves a likely possibility of local skirmishes resulting into localized conventional war between the two armies, though full-fledged war may not be ruled out, but this resolve of India must now reflect to China in absolutely clear terms so as to deter Beijing and also to ensure morale-boosting of the Indian soldiers. That will indeed restrain China to opt for war, because Indian army is much superior today in terms of rigorous training and regular battle experience, than it was in 1962. This fact has been illustrated by a Chinese military expert Huang Guozhi, senior editor of Modern Weaponry, who wrote in China’s ThePaper.cn on June 10: “At present, the world’s largest and experienced country with plateau and mountain troop is neither the US and Russia, nor any European powerhouse, but India.”

Though it may be a deliberate Chinese ploy to instigate Indian army, otherwise how can an online-media startup in Shanghai go praising the Indian army against wishes of the Chinese monolithic political architecture. But that is true to a significant extent as India’s army is now having several latest and lethal military weapons, including advanced nuclear weapons. And that has obviously raised the morale of the Indian army which can use tit-for-tat tactics against China, for preserving its own national interests, because Beijing, in fact, does not really want to resolve the thorny border issue, as several rounds of their bilateral talks during past decades produced no results.

Further, India must carry on its vigorous campaign against China’s highhandedness by activating its diplomacy, as almost the whole world is suffering today the worst trauma due to Corona virus supposedly manufactured into China’s Wuhan Lab of Virology, besides Beijing’s rising aggressive and militarist-assertions and expansions in all over the world. In fact, due to its aggressive and imperialist policies, China has virtually destroyed the peace and security of the entire world, besides killing the very spirit of the liberal-democratic international order. And that will evidently motivate most of the countries, having faith in the liberal and democratic pattern of social, economic and political systems, to come along a possible global alliance against China, wherein Pakistan and Russia will not participate along with few more countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Thus taking advantage of the evolving anti-Chinese global sentiments, India must earnestly work towards building a powerful diplomatic-muscular-institutional pressure with the help of all major powers in the world against China so that it may be cornered and isolated and its economy must crash down to the worst. Further, they must freeze their diplomatic relations with China and its membership to all regional and global forums, including the United Nations Security Council, be terminated as long as it does not mend its irresponsible and threatening policies in the whole world. Also full global support be given to Tibet, Taiwan and Hong Kong and to other nations like Manchuria as well, so that they may attain full independence and sovereign statehood to become free from the continuing Chinese suppressions. In the same way, China’s illegal and forced capture over South China Sea be collectively fought and its onward aggression in the Indian Ocean be also forcefully opposed to secure free and safe maritime channels across the entire high seas.

With this view in hand, the popular protests in China against the government and PLA be extended full support as Chinese people wish to establish a liberal and democratic government so that a new and responsible China may emerge to overturn the lifelong leadership of President Xi Jinping, who dreams to become an unquestioned hegemon. In fact, China today needs a democratic social, economic and political system and such progressive leaders who may understand their responsibility of being a major power in the East. Further, India must also adopt the same Chinese tactics of intruding into enemy’s territory, due to the undefined LAC, as sometimes one is left with no other option but to follow what an old adage says: “The best defense is a good offence.” That will be an appropriate answer to China’s ongoing arms-twisting & blandishment policy followed by stabbing in India’s back. And Indian army is today fully prepared to retaliate its Chinese counterpart.

In fact, China has now become a threat to the whole world perhaps in the same way as had been the rise of Nazism and Fascism in Germany and Italy respectively, during the interwar years in the previous century. As it appears that the all-powerful authoritarian communist party led government exercising unaccountable powers is a perfect anathema to the present liberal-progressive and democratic order in the world. As aptly commented by Lord Acton that, “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Indeed, it is the unrestrained power in China that has turned it mad to go on rampage to found its global hegemony. And India is now the latest target.

But, above all, China can’t defeat India as it has chosen the wrong moment and is suffering the bitter global anger that has made it alone, with very few supporters like Pakistan. In fact, China has deliberately gone astray due to its amazing military power that C. Raja Mohan has emphatically pointed out. But just huge buildup or accumulation of modern-lethal weaponry can’t ensure China a success, particularly in a rugged mountain battle to which its army is least exposed to as against the well trained Indian army. Again the Indian army is much more experienced as compared to China, because it has already fought four full-fledged major wars successfully, besides regularly fighting several insurgencies and continuing terror attacks. And this expertise of our Indian soldiers have been proved again in the Galwan clashes on June 15, which has created a rarest among rare history of exemplary courage and chivalry whereon the entire nation is proud of and tenders its inaudible tribute over their martyrdom. Indeed, Indian army has taught Chinese soldiers a befitting lesson that they will never forget.

As obvious, the Indian army is full with confidence and booming morale as well as deep penchant and passionate commitment to defend the nation, even at the cost of their own supreme-sacrifice, due to carrying the distinct glorious and remarkable tradition of Indian army and also by observing eternal moral values like Truth & Righteousness, that both the Chinese leadership and PLA do always lack. Even if China threatens to use nuclear weapons – but that it don’t even in dreams – as India also keeps such weapons and that establishes a safe situation of balance of terror and also because nuclear war is absolutely useless as indecisive – neither victor nor vanquished. Further, Chinese people are vehemently protesting against their own government and also the army as well, whereas the entire Indian nation stands united today behind our brave and dedicated Indian army.

Although this may look as a sweeping statement in today’s positivist intellectual orientation yet it matters, as Truth prevails in the last. This can happen as nothing is beyond human endeavour


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China’s fresh betrayal!

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