Centre considering amendment in IPC to deal with mob lynching


Centre is considering the possibility of amending the Indian Penal Code to define ‘mob lynching’ as a penal offence.

A senior government official said, another option being considered is to draft a model law that states can adopt to prevent incidents of mob lynching.

Supreme Court had on 17th of this month asked the government to consider enacting a new law to effectively deal with incidents of mob lynching.

The official said, the Centre is examining the apex court order and it will take some time before the government firms up its stand.

He said, if the IPC is amended, the government will not have to bring a stand-alone law on mob lynching.

The official said, the government may also further strengthen the framework relating to social media to ensure that rumours which may lead to such incidents are checked.

Several cases of lynching and mob violence have been reported from across the country in the recent past.


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