Centre asks CBI to investigate UK based firm Cambridge Analytica for illegally obtaining data of Indians.


The Centre has asked the CBI to investigate the role of UK based data mining firm Cambridge Analytica which is suspected to have illegally obtained data of Indians.

Replying to a debate in the Rajya Sabha on a Calling Attention Motion yesterday, Electronics and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said, the initial response by Cambridge Analytica was that the data of Indians was not breached.

He, however, said the company’s response was not in conformity with what was reported by the Facebook. The Minister said, there were subsequent reports that data of users was illegally accessed by hardware manufacturers having a tie-up with the Facebook.

Mr Prasad said, the government does not regulate content on social network platforms but they are required to follow due diligence under the Information Technology Act. He said, the government is committed to freedom of speech and expression and privacy of its citizens.

The Minister, however said, the social platforms must provide technology solutions to verify fake news and provocative messages and filter them. He said, they need to introduce effective mechanism to report to respective authorities about such messages.

The Minister said, these platforms will be made more responsible and accountable by strengthening the country’s legal framework.


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