Cameroon: 6 killed in attack attributed to Nigeria’s Boko Haram


In Cameroon, six villagers were killed overnight in northern province in an attack attributed to Nigeria’s Boko Haram jihadist group.

Abdoulaye Yerima Bakari, the head of the Dogba administrative region said the attack occurred in the village of Mangave Foya ,the home of a district chief, whom they shot, as well as two other people who were in the building. When the neighbours came out to investigate the gunfire, the assailants opened fire, killing three of them, he said.

Bakari said a local self-defence group and the security forces, joined by some villagers, gave chase, killing five attackers and arresting three others.Boko Haram, a militant movement opposed to Western influence and seeking an Islamic state based on Sharia law, has caused the deaths of at least 20,000 people since it took up arms in Nigeria in 2009.

Cameroon, along with Chad and Niger, has joined a military effort by Nigeria to crush the insurgents.


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