Breaking News or Barking News, asks Rahul Jalali

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Since ‘Breaking News’ took over from rationality and responsibility, I have often been calling for restraint. But mine has been a cry in the wilderness, respectfully ignored as the voice from the irrelevant past, forgetting that I have been a reporter for almost 40 years and still retain the instincts of a newsperson. Drilled into me was our cardinal rule, that whatever I report will be authentic, sourced leaving no room for error. Also we took care that our news did not sensationalize events leading to friction. These tenets have been totally lost and the net result is that we are being pilloried like never before for the irresponsible manner in which news television is reporting the current conflict with Pakistan
I feel even now if we reform we might regain some of our credibility or else I shudder to think of the consequences.

RAHUL JALALI is an eminent media professional based in New Delhi


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