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Bookmarks | Lies Our Mothers Told Us by Nilanjana Bhowmick

  • The book “Lies Our Mothers Told Us: The Indian Woman’s Burden” by Nilanjana Bhowmick details that the demands of capitalism and the persistence of patriarchal attitudes in the twenty-first century have meant that Indian women continue to lead lives that are hard and unequal, especially when compared to their male counterparts.

  • The book takes a close look at the gender inequality that forms the bedrock of India’s middle class—this forces women try and be ‘superwomen’ while ignoring the deleterious effects on their mental and physical health.

  • Using available data and anecdotal evidence from the real lives of Indian women across the country, journalist Nilanjana Bhowmick asks if, in our patriarchal society, the assertion that ‘women can have it all’ comes at too high a price.

  • Read an excerpt from the book below.