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  • The book “The Last Prince of Bengal” by Lyn Innes tells the true story of the Nawab Nazim and his family as they sought by turns to befriend, settle in and eventually escape Britain.

  • The Nawab Nazim was born into one of India’s most powerful royal families. Three times the size of Great Britain, his kingdom ranged from the soaring Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal. However, the Nawab was seen as a threat by the British authorities, who forced him to abdicate in 1880 and permanently abolished his titles.

  • In this book, Lyn Innes recounts her ancestors’ extraordinary journey from royalty to relative anonymity. This compelling account visits the extremes of British rule in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, exposing complex prejudices regarding race, class and gender.

  • Read an excerpt from the book here.

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