Book Review | Owner of a lonely heart- SIMPLISTIC STORIES ABOUT ARCANE REALITIES



Authors: Atma Sumit Agarwal & Vidhika Dalmia

In the present world of technological advancement and easier communications, people are lonelier than ever. The world may have become a global village, but the distances between people’s hearts in this village have grown wider. Though social media and internet have caught the world’s imagination with instant friend requests and follows, but socialising with contacts in real life has taken a back seating. The present day fast-paced world is thus a contrast in itself. People are in a continuous rat race and they even can’t find time to sit and think about the modern lifestyle that is harming them in the long term. It is in such instances that teachings of spiritual gurus are an important source of information and enlightenment. In their pursuit of spreading happiness and much needed enlightenment, authors Atma Sumit Agarwal and Vidhi Dalmia come with their book “Owner of a lonely heart”.

The book contains eleven short stories about the esoteric realities of the present day world. The realities are not only about loneliness, which the authors say is the biggest disease gnawing at the hearts of most people today, but also discontentment, unhappiness and also a feeling of displeasure at the present state of things. The collection, thus, is of extraordinary stories of the lives of ordinary people looking for love. Some of the stories like “The truth about pots and pans” and “The other side of lonely” will strike an instant chord with readers.

The book is a short read at 55 pages and each story is about 3-4 pages. The stories are written in a very simple language for sending the message effectively and to a wider readership. However, more depth is needed in some of the stories and wider exploration of the topics would have made the premise better. The front cover of the book is apt, and shows a person reaching for an illuminating heart in a tree, which signifies a disconnected person reaching for spiritual connection and enlightenment.

The book is a motivational read and will interest readers who like genres dealing with self-help and theosophical writing. The authors, in their quest of erasing unhappiness, have written stories that have a universal appeal and many well-founded arguments. Also, putting their viewpoints forward, they say that when the silence due to loneliness and lack of companionship becomes unbearable, even the white noise of the idiot box would do. Yes, that will surely do. But more effective will be such instructive books with a simplistic take on complex issues such as depression and loneliness agonizing mankind today.



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