BJP was miffed as the alliance served mainly PDP’s agenda


The PDP chief said it was her firm stand on agenda of alliance that eventually made BJP to “runaway” from the government.

“If I had signed on dotted line like in the case of Afzal Guru, the PDP government wouldn’t have been toppled by the BJP,” she said.

Mehbooba said that being in the government PDP kept insisting for the withdrawal of the FIRs, amnesty for the stone pelters, and return of the power projects from the NHPC.

“Otherwise, there wasn’t any other reason for the BJP to withdraw its support. In spite of the problems that we faced, we didn’t compromise on progress and development. However, the political agenda of the PDP and party’s firm belief on its principles led the BJP to turn its back,” she said.

Mehbooba also castigated Prime Minister Narendra Modi stating that he failed to fit in the shoes of Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

“When in November 2015, a rally was organized by the PDP for Modi, people had come on Mufti Sahib’s call to listen. However, Modi didn’t rise to the occasion and things started falling apart,” Mehbooba said.

After the fall of the BJP-PDP government in June this year, Mehbooba Mufti is finding hard to retain its lost ground in the Valley especially in south Kashmir which was once known as PDP bastion.

In the past one month or so, PDP has lost its six key members that include Basharat Bukhari, Imran Ansari, Abid Ansari, Mohammad Abbas Wani, Haseeb Drabu and Javed Mustafa Mir.

Meanwhile in a separate address at Anantnag, calling people who quit party as “garbage”, PDP President made a fervent appeal to youth who want resolution of Kashmir issue to join her party.

“I want to tell my workers that PDP has not been weakened and the party is still standing firm. The party has been cleared of all the garbage now and it is the other parties who are collecting that garbage that has left from PDP,” she said.

Mehbooba also apologized for her for her controversial “milk and toffee remark” that she made during the 2016 uprising on the killing of children by the security forces.

“The comments I made as a mother during 2016 have hurt mothers, sisters and brothers and I apologize for that. Some people are criticizing me about my remark but it was out of motherly love. Mothers do get angry when their kids don’t listen to them. As a mother, I felt pained when kids were being killed in clashes and made those comments in anger,” Mehbooba said.


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