BJP responsible for widespread disappointment, disenchantment across Jammu province: Bhalla.


Former Minister and Congress candidate from Jammu-Poonch constituency, Raman Bhalla, on Monday alleged that the BJP was “responsible” for widespread disappointment and disenchantment across Jammu province,As per a statement, he said this while addressing people during election meetings in Vijaypur and Samba constituency.
He claimed that there was “strong resentment” among people of Vijaypur constituency towards BJP MLA “who failed to address even basic issues of constituency”.
“Majority of people maintained no new developments but only facelift of the previous works were done whereas untold stories of neglect were uttered by the border firing victims.”
“ People from other firing and shelling victims of border villages like Kamore, Langore, Camp, Naryana, Govindgarh etc were badly abandoned by BJP .BJP party was in power at Centre and in State too. It would have easily forwarded their issues through their government in State to the Union ministry concerned as a big vote in the constituency was given to BJP but they never did so and took them casually,” Bhalla said.
He claimed that congress party from the day of its origin have “sacrificed their lives for the sake of nation”.
“Only Congress party is secular and did not believe in caste, creed and colour. BJP, for the sake of power, forgot the interest of Hindus for which the people of Jammu region have given the mandate to the BJP.”
He claimed that it is only Congress party which “can keep the state united”.
“People are coming in support of Congress party across the country and National President Rahul Gandhi will lead the nation,” Bhalla said.
Bhalla said that “unholy BJP-PDP alliance only promoted communal and regional divide”.
“Today’s situation is the outcome of the misrule and poor governance in the State. They have proved as worst failure and are trying again to befool people.Alliance between the PDP and the BJP aggravated the divisions.”
“In all this, common man was ignored in the state. PDP-BJP dispensation totally lost its credibility due to its mis-governance, which led to the failure of Government on all the fronts.”


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