BGBSU does it again, awards 16 out of 15 marks to ‘scholars’

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JAMMU: Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University (BGSBU) in Rajouri scaled yet another milestone by setting a new academic norm to favour blue-eyed scholars leaps and bounds, surpassing the prescribed limits.

Strange it may appear but it is true that two of the four students, seeking admission to Ph.D course in Urdu-2019, have been awarded 16 marks out of prescribed 15. The detailed select-list went viral on the social media, leaving academicians shell-shocked and the student community amused.

The list, carrying the names and marks obtained by four selected candidates as also four candidates placed in the waiting- list, is duly signed by five of the six member DRC/M.Phil Committee of the University. The panel allotted 16 marks out of 15 each to Sajad Muneer (roll number 1907010) and Fakhr Un Nisa (roll number 1907035).

The over-enthusiasm shown by the select committee has shadowed the credibility of the entire list as also the academic integrity of the selection committee, comprising Prof G M Mailk as Chairman, Dr Shams Kamal Anum, Dr M A Wani, Dr Layaqat Hussain , Dr Mohd Asaf Malik and Dr Rizwana Shamsi as members.

This is not for the first time the BGSBU is hogging the headlines for wrong reason. The university has attained notoriety over manipulated results and other activities over the years.



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