Before Modi, Jamaat’s last ban came under VP, revoked by Rao

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Jammu: After apparently wild allegations by a low rung BJP leader against former Chief Minister Dr Farooq Abdullah, the National Conference has refreshed the public memory about the previous ban in the allegedly Islamist political and educational organisation the Jamaat-e-Islami.

The Jamaat was last week banned by the Ministry of Home Affairs offering a range of charges. Regional political parties, with their base mainly shrunk to the Kashmir Valley, the Peoples Democratic Party and the NC have objected to the ban. It is PDP which is practically hurt by the ban, which is why NC hasn’t been much vociferous.

The Jamaat in Kashmir has faced ban before also, incidentally under Governor’s Rule like in the present case. The Jamaat’s tale runs through Prime Ministers Singh, Rao and Modi.

A BJP worker in Srinagar called Altaf Thakur blamed Dr Farooq Abdullah for revoking the ban last time. NC has refuted this claim and also use the opportunity to clarify that it wasn’t banned under Farooq either.

Months after Farooq had resigned as Chief Minister, the Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI) was banned by the central government led by VP Singh in 1990 through its nominee Governor Jagmohan. That order was later revoked by the central government led by PV Narasimha Rao.

However, when Farooq returned to power in 1996, the JeI teachers rendered jobless by previous ban were absorbed and regularised in the state government service.

NC attacks BJP for ‘being anti-Muslim’

An NC spokesman said, “It is a known fact as to how BJP and its ideologues and other out fits associated with that ideology openly panders anti Muslim outlook,” he said adding, “BJP media cell functionary who has the gumption to level baseless accusations against us should first come clean on Babri Masjid demolition, and the carnage of Godhra. He should come clean on mob-lynching, a phenomenon that gained unprecedented notoriety since the coming to power of the right-wing Modi government in 2014.”
While lamenting BJP on infringing into the personal laws of Muslims he said, “The allegations are coming from a person who is affiliated with a party that gloats to implant the uniform civil code. The policies of BJP are to abolish every iota of Muslim identity from India.”
He asserted that BJP is unnerved by the devastating electoral debacle which it has gone through. “BJP should throw light on the failures of Modi led government as well. People are asking questions as to what happened to much publicized BJP programmes like digital India, make in India, smart city and skill India. The five years rule of BJP presents a grimy tale of failures, lynchings,” he said adding, “The only thing BJP was able to achieve was destroying the secular visage of India.”


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