Be Monsoon Ready | Uplift your mood with these tips when it downpours


With the monsoon blues hitting you very often, you might be dwelling in the seasonal changes that keep you rejuvenated every now and then. It’s okay if you forget to take care of your health and body for quite some time. But you dare to forget the whole season? The answer is a perfect NO, as you know you need to take extra care of your skin, hair and health.  As you can find noticeable changes in weather, taking formidable steps would decrease your efforts as the season continues.

“The resistance of the body is naturally reduced because of the infections one commonly faces in monsoon. These include common cold, flu, indigestion problems, jaundice, cough, dysentery, typhoid etc., So, it is important that you need to take care of the food you eat and the water you drink. You also get affected with skin diseases like prickly heat, eczema etc.,”

Besides, it is important to take care of your pretty good hair especially in the rainy season. Your hair remains moist for longer time and even after a shower you still find it difficult to dry and it remains moist because of humid climate. Wet hair may lead to bad odour. So here are some tips to take care of your skin, hair and body to maintain healthy and good look all through the monsoon.

Monsoon Ready Skin:

There is a lot more to take care of your skin this monsoon as dust particles easily settle on your skin which eventually damages the regular soft and toned look your skin possess. Here are some tips to maintain your skin healthy:

Most of the times use soap free cleansers and a good scrub so as to keep your skin moist all the time.

An alcohol free toner is suggested as the high humidity could open up your pores (Toning is usually followed after cleansing).

Most of them stop using sunscreen once the climate turns cool, but you must continue it even if it is cloudy.

Heavy makeup is a huge turn off in rains, better if one opts for a water- proof makeup.

Opt for a lotion- based serum, which keeps your skin rehydrated and brightens it up.

Avoid bleaching and facials in this season, as bleaching could do more harm for your face and facial makes your skin rough.

Wash your lips at night and apply some milk cream. Avoid lipsticks especially the dark shaded ones. Apply coconut oil if they are slightly cracked.

Waxing, pedicure, and manicure are always recommended to give your skin and body a toned look all the time.

Always wash your face, hands and feet as soon as you reach your home with lukewarm water. This makes you feel refreshed and stay healthy.

However there are different other methods based on whether the skin is oily or dry. These are the general tips that you must follow as the season begins.

Monsoon Ready Hair:

It is as important to take care of your hair as you take care of your body. The best method is to keep good care by following some safety measures:

Most of the times try to protect your hair from rains, but that’s something impossible as we get caught in rains at least once in a while.

As you reach home better wash your hair with mild shampoos and let it dry.

Always apply shampoos in a gentle manner and do not forget to use a conditioner in this season after every wash.

At night times, massage your hair with warm coconut oil and comb your hair for the even distribution of oil on your scalp and hair.

You can also try applying warm oil mixed with curry leaves for your hair to remain thick and black.

Usually in this season you invite itchy scalp because of dandruff or some other reasons. For such irritating scalp applying neem oil is the best remedy.

Replacing herbal products in place of heavy organic shampoos and conditioners to maintain the natural glossy look of the hair would be best suggestible.

Hair coloring is not a good idea in this season as it takes very long to wash your hair and dry. Keep it as natural as possible.

Beer is a good conditioner. Initially wash your hair with beer and after few minutes wash it off with cold water. This tip helps your hair in adding glow to your hair.

Use of hair dryers though necessary it is better suggested if you limit its usage. Instead opt for dry towels to remove moist from your hair.

Till the end of this season it is better suggested to keep your hair as simple as possible and avoid elaborate hairstyles. Nothing can beat the natural beauty.

Monsoon Ready Health:

You need to be extremely careful in maintaining a healthy diet this season as the food we intake is more prone to fungal, viral and bacterial infections which naturally affects the body’s immunity.

Continue drinking plenty of water in this season as it is important to keep your body hydrated every time.

Wash all the fruits and vegetables, especially the green leafy vegetables and cauliflower as they play a host for worms and larvae and dirt from streets.

Keep your body warm as it becomes easy for viruses to attack once the body temperature cools down.

Avoid uncooked fruits and salads in this season as the possibility of getting caught by germs in these kinds of foods is much higher.

Instead eat salads blenched in boiling water to disinfect them and a healthy vegetable soup that keeps your body warm. This helps your skin nourish from inside.

If you are suffering from asthma and diabetes, avoid staying near wet walls as it could be more harmful which increase the growth of fungus.

Including garlic, pepper, ginger, turmeric, jeera powder and coriander in your diet as it helps in reducing indigestion problems and improves your immune system.

Do not walk bear footed or wear wet shoes in this season specifically suggested for diabetic patients.

Increase milk products, nuts and soya products which give your hair natural healthy look.

Maintain general hygiene and avoid road side vendor food as the food easily gets affected with bacteria and fungi.

Fresh foods are the best served this season and avoid any food that is straight away from the fridge.

Avoid sleeping in the day time and extreme physical exercises but do not forget to regulate your exercises to stay fit and healthy.

Following these general skin, hair and health tips for your body would definitely help you to gear up your monsoon blues. Get ready to glow this monsoon.

Monsoon Ready Style:

While many wait for the monsoon season to arrive, mucky roads and gloomy weather have the capacity to put off people. Some individuals give up on their fashion choices and put convenience before style during the rainy season.

But experts suggest ways in which you can up your game on the fashion quotient while it rains.

It is important to be very sure about the fabric that is worn in this season. Cotton, polyester, lycra and nylon are some fabrics that dry easily and resist mud and water stains. Make sure you’re not wearing fabrics that would stick to your skin or become see-through after a downpour.

The flowy skirts should be saved for another season to avoid a fashion faux pas. For him, monsoons are more about mini skirts. Avoid full-length trousers and opt for cute shorts, knee-pants or capris. We give denims a thumbs-down as they take an impossibly long time to dry. Switch your jackets with a trendy windcheater or trench coat. Match it with your outfit and you are done.

Ditch the long salwar-kameez (suit) and go for dark-coloured leggings that could be teamed up with short kurtis.

Instead of flowy dupattas, pretty cotton scarves could be a better choice and if saris are a must wear for an individual, then a chiffon sari would be a safer bet.

It’s better to stay away from a sari during these messy days. However, if you ought to wear them, stay away from heavy, designer ones or those that tend to run colour after getting wet. A light, flowy chiffon sari is a stylish yet comfortable choice.

Colours too play an important role in monsoon season. Jazz up your wardrobe with pop colours, printed fabrics and light footwear since these accessories compliment a monsoon wear perfectly well.

Make your clothes evoke the haute look in this wet season. Pack away those stilettos, leather shoes, sheer tops and pastels and switch it with waterproof sandals, capris and colourful umbrellas.

It is also suggested that bright neon or light shades like ocean blue, sea green, peachy pink and lemon yellow would work wonders to uplift a person’s mood during a downpour. However, wearing pristine white in the monsoon is certainly not a good idea as white clothes tend to get transparent when wet and get stained easily.

Make sure the silhouettes are “clean” in terms of cuts and pattern” in the rainy season. The cut should not have too many layers or too many tailoring details that make the garment look messy and untidy. Minimalistic and simple is the key word in monsoon. Well-cut pieces with short hemlines are very apt for monsoon clothing.

Utilitarian styles like asymmetrical tunics, chambray dresses, crop tops, tank tops and flowy maxis would be a good idea in rainy season.

Go for shorts, midi skirts; also, long trousers are a no-no as they get dirty on your way to work. You can team up your western attire with a floral printed trench coat or a bomber jacket to keep you warm during chilly evening breeze.

If you prefer a more traditional Indian outfit during monsoon season, then avoid salwars and patialas, but instead pick up a pair of short kurtis with leggings or churidars. Vibrant ombre-dyed kaftans are also a great option.

8 beauty hacks for monsoon not to forget

Avoid hair products: While it’s best to avoid styling this season, use a light hair serum that won’t weigh your hair down instead of a heavy mousse. Make anti-frizz products and humidity control sprays your BFFs. “Experiment with hairstyles that go with your natural texture and are more likely to stay. A textured braid, bun or top knot is ideal for bad hair days, as is a fishtail or a French braid. If you have to use a product, a sea salt texturising spray will give you a beachy look,” says makeup artist Clint Fernandes.
Get happy feet: To get rid of all the grime on your feet, exfoliate them with a DIY coffee scrub made by mixing equal amounts of coffee, sea salt and corn meal. Add a few drops of almond oil and scrub the concoction on your feet. Contact with rain water can lead to infec tions. “Fungal infections of the nails and toes are common during the rainy season. Keep them as clean and dry as possible to pre vent such problems. Take off your shoes and socks and wash your feet every time you come home. Avoid wearing wet shoes for long,” advises Dr Akshay Batra. A pedicure and manicure twice a month is essential.
Cleanse and moisturize: The humid weather can make the skin dry or oily. “Cleanse your skin at least twice a day to slough away sweat, impurities and dead skin build-up. If you have dry skin, use a cream-based cleanser to keep it moist. For oily skin, opt for a soap less gel cleanser that will cleanse and puri fy the skin while balancing its pH. Don’t for get to follow up the cleansing ritual with a mattifying moisturiser for a fresh look,” insists Marie Lamotte.
Eye to eye: Don’t do too much drama around the eyes with shading. Instead of the classic smoky eye, flaunt the graphic eye look created using water proof coloured liners, kohl pencils or felt pen liners. The waterproof mascara is indeed the ultimate monsoon must-have, but in order to maintain the resilience of the eyelashes, coat them with the usual volumising or coloured mascara and top them with a clear waterproof one.
Makeup mantra: Create a smear-proof base for makeup using a primer. Ditch the heavy foundation and make the switch to a BB CC cream or a tinted moisturiser, preferably with an SPF that will give you just enough coverage for the day. Compact or translucent powder should be used. A cream-based cheek tint will easily glide on the skin and get absorbed, giving your apples a natural, velvety flush.
Soak up the sun: Even though the sky is cloudy and you aren’t directly exposed to the sun, 80 per cent of UV rays still pass through clouds and penetrate your skin. “Using a water resistant, oil-free broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF of 30 and above is the best way to protect your skin. Slather it on all the exposed parts of your skin for at least 20 minutes before you step out,” advises skin expert Dr Varun Katyal.
Look at the bright side: Keep colours high in contrast with your skin tone. “Bright lip colours or eyeliners in vibrant colours can do the trick for you this season. Instead of a powder eyeshadow, use a long-wear cream shadow. Aqua colours, bright pinks and greens are popular. Avoid using a gloss as it will get sticky and smudge when you get wet,” says Sonic Sarwate, senior makeup artist.
Pack a punch: Apply a nourishing mask to the face or hair with fresh ingredients off the kitchen shelf. For radiant skin, make a mask with besan, honey and milk and blend together avocado, olive oil and a banana and use it as a hair pack to tame the frizz.

Look up for scrubs and masks made with oatmeal, curd, rose water and orange peels, based on your skin type.


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