Balakot Aftermath: Pak tells militants to wear army uniforms to avoid detection

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Islamabad, March 29: Even a month after Indian Air Force went inside Pakistan to strike Jaish camps operating from Balakot, Islamabad is still reeling from the shock of the event.

According to intelligence sources, Pakistan continues to remain in a state of panic after IAF strike in Jaish camp at Balakot. In a meeting held on 16th March, senior officials of Pakistani military establishment have given set of instructions to commanders of terrorist groups. Terrorists have been advised to wear the uniform of the Pakistani army so that they can’t be separately identified by Indians.

Pakistanis are wary of India’s next move post Balakot where Indians entered deep inside the neighbouring country to neutralise around 300 Jaish terrorists. The high-profile meeting was held at Nikayal between the terrorists and Pak military. In this meeting, two members from intelligence agency ISI, two from Army, Lashkar terrorists and Ashfaq, the guide who take terrorists to Indian side was present. ISI has decided to pump more money to Lashkar so that it can further perpetrate terror activities in Jammu and Kashmir.

As a precautionary measure, many terror camps are being subsumed inside Pakistani Army camps. For rest, the Pakistani army is guarding them to prevent any possible attack. Pakistani agencies believe that Indian satellites are constantly monitoring the terror camps. Hence the terrorists have been asked to wear military uniforms when they come out of the camps to avoid identification.  Currently, near LoC, 4 camps of Jaish and Lashkar are situated. They are located in Nikayal and Kotli. Authorities have asked the terrorists to move the camps away from LoC to minimise the chances of Indian attack.


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