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Author Interview | For Divye Duheta Mahajan, writing is not just talent, but a real blessing from nature.  

Author Interview | For Divye Duheta Mahajan, writing is not just talent, but a real blessing from nature.   

Divye Duheta Mahajan is one of the rising names on the literary scenario of the state, working equally hard for the uplifting of poetry among the younger generation as well as awakening of spiritual enlightenment within us all, as a whole. An Engineer by education, Divye got intrigued more towards poetic articulations, finally deciding to pursue her passion-writing poems, a decision she considers among best one she has made. The exceptional blend of understanding of nature has bestowed her with the ability to recognize the rhymes and rhythms jumbling from her inner self and to articulate them into poems to the outer world. The lyrical flow of her poetry has touched many human unfathomable feelings and desires, over the years, making her what she is today.
A freethinker who loves to explore the jungles of wild imagination but believes that whatever is designed here on Earth is Divines’ chef d’oeuvre, Divye’s writing reflect the admiration for nature and exploration into deep human emotions. She herself admits, that self-realization is the ultimate aim of her prolific poetic flows as can be made out in her words- “the sagacious divine presence when that inner realm of ‘Self’ get in touch with nature, and everything seems dancing on the beats of musical rhymes-this is how I want poetry to flow from the very core of my existence.”
While her works have garnered appreciation from one and all ever since her first book, it was when she expressed her feelings in the form of a book- Journey Within- that the people en masse were benefitted from the spiritual bonding of words that Divye forms. Being a successful poet, Divye is also working as Life Skill Trainer and Poetry promoter in different schools, Universities and now with corporate world also.
Over the course of time, Divye has also worked as President of Rotaractor Club Jammu Sneh for three years and has helped underprivileged children in pursuing their education, sponsoring them with tuition fees and uniforms. She has also been instrumental in plantation of trees across the city. Divye is actively associated with Art of Living from past 11 years; was the key organizer of ‘Kashmir: Back To Paradise’, the national level conference in Jammu under the guidance of Sri Sri Ravishankar ji that took place last year in November. She is also the Associate member of The Institution of Engineers (India), Youth Hostels Association of India and Jammu Club, Jammu.
We sat down with Divye to know her journey so far. Here is the conversation that followed:
The Dispatch: What were the circumstances that led you to write? Or was it always in you? How did it happen?
Divye Duheta Mahajan: Being the only child to my parents, I have spent my childhood as a loner. I always wanted to be surrounded by people, but it unfortunately didn’t happen as both my parents were working and my grandparents were hailing in their home town. I was alone in my own realm of thoughts or on a contrary view; I was rather crowded with my thoughts. But at that time, writing was never my talent, beyond my arena.
As time passed, I grew more intense in my life, feeling burdened by own mind. Then one day I got enrolled
In what is now called as Happiness program of Art of Living that teaches Sudarshan Kriya or ‘SKY’, helping in attaining peace of mind. It was a life changing experience for me as unconsciously I tapped into that realm of existence where a whole lot of creativity lies- the Self. Then, one day my hands started typing, and my mind started arranging my feelings, my thoughts, in the form of rhymes. Something beautiful was taking birth ‘within me’, astonishing completely that emotions, in the shape of words can be woven like a beautiful depiction of life experiences. It was poetry!
The Dispatch: Tell us about your early writings.
Divye:  When I started writing, thoughts took time to frame up but gradually, it started happening on its own. My early writings were more on how I am feeling; how day to day events influence our mind; how we behave in the circumstances that dwell upon in our lives; and how much nature loves us? Frankly telling, it was a fascinating journey because during this course of time I was exploring my true self. The joy of looking at how I felt, allured my mind with more clarity and perfection. Every single poem took me to another level of understanding which otherwise is hard to attain.
Some of my poems like ‘The voice of Darkness’, ‘Wonderful You’,’ Few Words’ and ‘Painting Canvas’ gave me a depth as a poet. Our Nature is so filled with love and learning that my poems often used to come through my profound observations. I still remember, one day I was having a walk at night, and suddenly the light went off, the sky turned so beautiful that I couldn’t resist writing ‘The Voice of Darkness,’ that just flowed like love through me. Such have been my experiences with early writings.
The Dispatch: What is ‘Journey Within’ about? What tales are you telling through your poems?
Divye: The ‘Journey Within’ is a beautiful amalgam of life, nature, feelings, customs and Truth. During my Journey within, I realize that every one of us has moved very far from the core of our existence, that is happiness, and we keep look at life to bestow it upon us. The book takes us from outer materialism to real inner beauty and love through its various joyful poetic frames of Nature- in which we live, love- to which we feel entangled, and complexity of mind- that plays in this world through its permutations and combinations of various thoughts.
In this book, I have taken readers to the different beautiful aspect of Nature, the unheard twitters to birds, and the walks to remember; the grace that we behold as human beings, the facets of the human mind that change with time, and the painting of life as a beautiful canvas and much more. Journey Within takes one back to its core and makes one realize that life is meant for celebrations; lamenting, melancholy, anger, hatred are not our true nature. So, this book is a Journey of everyone’s life.
The Dispatch: Where do the ideas for your poems come from?
Divye: Silent observation! That’s my source of ideas. Since my childhood, I have learned things not by someone teaching me but by observation, and that’s the most beautiful style of learning because you evolve as a person and grow as a thinker in a most natural way. To me the source of creativity is silence. The more silence I inculcate in me, the more creative I become, and this also comes from one of the Advance courses of Art of Living that takes you into silence for four days, and when you come out, you are a different person altogether.
If a devotee can see God in stone, Poets are no different. They too see things, circumstances and nature little differently with many in depth hidden secrets. So, to bring alive my poems, I connect with myself, frame my observation, get clarity on what I am feeling, and start writing. Surprisingly, it happens very naturally.
The Dispatch: What do you consider your biggest honor or recognition?
Divye: The biggest recognition for me is when I see people connecting with my poems, and a curve of a smile comes on their faces. I feel awarded when I make children write their emotions through my poetic orientations. I feel honoured when I see people getting motivated by my writings and start expressing themselves in any creative form. I do not write for awards; I write to encourage the subject called ‘Self’ among everyone to a platform where they can see their feelings, and module into a recreational art.
The Dispatch: Do you read as much? Who is your favorite author and what is your favorite book?
Divye:  Yes, I am a passionate reader as well, but my taste is more towards reading real life events of people’s life and their journey of growth from scratch. As a reader, I love reading Indian mythology, specifically verses of Bhagavad Gita that touches me more than any other book in this world. Moreover, I am a great fan of Swami Vivekananda and have his Complete Works in my personal library. Apart from this, I like reading books written by Robin Sharma, Mitch Albom, who presents life’s great lessons in the most beautiful manner.
The Dispatch:  What is the hardest and easiest thing about writing?
Divye:  The most difficult thing about writing is a precise articulation of thoughts into words.  Many at times, we think something, but when it comes to writing it down, it turns out to be something else. The gap between observation, understanding, and articulation changes the subject of writing a poem.
The easiest thing about writing is true happiness that I draw after finishing it.
The Dispatch: Tell us about the Life Skills training you provide.
Divye: Life Skills training is a source to inculcate the abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demand and challenges of daily living. Education is the most powerful instrument of change in today’s scenario; and in addition to knowledge, attitude and skills plays an equally important role in determining success.
So, my Life Skills training equip teenagers and youth of our state with firm social power foundation, along with physical wellness and contribution of emotional wellbeing in a day today’s life dealings. Through these training which goes for five days, students not only understand the concepts but starts implementing specially designed techniques in their day to day life. I also impart skills of meditation to them which brings instant clarity, peace of mind and a self-motivation to learn and grow which seems quite lost in today’s world of extreme stress and competition.
 The Dispatch: What is your greatest stress? How do you deal with it? How do you relax? What are your hobbies?
Divye: Stress is a very pejorative term, but I must say that my primary concern is that no one should be in stress as long as I am alive on this Earth. For the same, I am working to uplift the society and student community through Life Skills. By working on my concern, I deal with it. Also, I meditate twice a day which gives me an immense power to remain firm in my mission for the society.
Anything that takes me to me, it gives me great relaxation. I relax by being with Nature, going for a Nature walk, helping people in need, photography, yoga, meditation, and listening to classical music. These are just a few, not all! As for my hobbies, I like clicking nature’s photograph; I love playing badminton and some more.
The Dispatch: How are you publishing your work? What difficulties did you face in this regard?
Divye: ‘Journey Within’ is a self-published book. Looking for a real publisher is the hardest thing on Earth. I emailed almost all the big publishing houses, and personally got to meet them but no one showed a willingness to publish my work. Moreover, poetry faces a setback on a front in comparison with Novels or even story writing. All the big publishing houses want to publish poems of already acclaimed writers giving no space for budding poets as well as writers. So, I decided to self-publish.
Now, for my next book, I look forward to publishing it through Amazon Publishing, an online Amazon publishing portal that gives easy publishing to all the writers.
The Dispatch: What are you working on at the moment?
Divye:  Presently, I have completed my second manuscript which is the Hindi translation of my first book and is looking forward to soon release it out in the market. More to this, I have formulated a layout for my debut Novel, whose actual work will start as soon as I release my upcoming book.


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Author Interview | For Divye Duheta Mahajan, writing is not just talent, but a real blessing from nature.   

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