April Fool’s Day: Pranks to try on your loved ones today

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The day of fun and frolic, April Fool’s Day is observed on April 1 each year and there is no better way to celebrate the day in all its ‘glory’ by playing some harmless pranks on your friends!

If you are somebody who is known as ‘The Prankster’ in your group, this is exactly what you should be reading. We have done all the homework and selected the best April Fool’s Day pranks to play on your friends and go ROFL.

Fake outing

Have a friend who loves to go out? Well, this is the perfect day to play a prank on them! Call up your friend and tell him/her that you and your gang are planning a small outing later in the day. Tell them they should reach the venue at a selected time. Just as they will be about to reach, call them up again and wish them a very happy April fools day.

Insects! Everywhere

Remember those plastic spiders/lizards etc that we used to play with in our childhood? Well, April Fools Day is the perfect ocassion to make use of them as an adult. Place them in your friend’s room and wait for the drama to unfold! (We advise not doing this in case your friend has a weak heart. Pranks should be fun and must not harm anyone)

Fake Announcement

Share a big absolutely fake announcement on social media. Something like you are getting married or are moving abroad for studies and watch everybody around you freak out!


We all love gifts, sure. But the April Fools Day gift has to be something ‘Special’. Order a box of donuts and eat or store all the donuts that you ordered, you just need the box. Fill the box with veggies and fruits and take it over to your friends’ place as a ‘very special gift you got for them’!

Change the password of your friend’s phone

If you are lucky enough to know your friend’s phone password, this April Fools Day, change it to something they will never be able to guess!

Now that we gave you some ideas, go try them out !


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