Amnesty: Indian Mission in Abu Dhabi and Dubai to open help desk


Indian Mission in Abu Dhabi and Dubai will open a help desk from next week to help Indians staying in the country illegally to avail amnesty.

The UAE government has announced that it will grant a three month general amnesty starting from 1st of August to 31st of October to violators of the country’s residency laws.

The violators will have the option to either rectify their legal status through paying nominal fees, or leave the UAE voluntarily without prosecution.

However, a formal directive from the UAE government is still awaited.

Indian community associations are being involved in the process to create awareness amongst the people. These associations will send their volunteers to work with the embassy.

Ambassador Navdeep Suri has urged members of the Indian community to take advantage of the opportunity and not to stay illegally. In 2013, more than 60 thousand illegal residents took advantage of the general visa amnesty, which ran for two months.


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