Amendments to prohibition law passed in Bihar Assembly


The Bihar Assembly has passed a bill to amend some of the stringent provisions of the prohibition law in order to prevent its misuse and make the quantum of punishment proportionate to the nature of offence.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar yesterday said, changes in the excise law enacted in 2016 are being brought after the state received complaints of widespread misuse of the provisions by police and excise officials.

Now, first-time offenders will have to pay a fine of 50,000 rupees, failing which, they will have to undergo a prison term of three months.

Earlier, under the prohibition law the quantum of sentence was for five-year prison term, in addition to a one lakh rupees fine, for those consuming liquor or caught in an inebriated state.

Also, the first offence under the Bihar liquor law was non-bailable which has now been made bailable.

Those violating the law for the second time and more will be liable to 10 years of imprisonment and fine of five lakh rupees.


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