A message for Imran Khan, boss Bajwa

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Wonder of wonders! Imran Khan is rooting for the BJP! “Perhaps if the BJP – a right-wing party – wins, some kind of settlement in Kashmir could be reached,” he said in a recent interview

Two days earlier his foreign Minister insinuated that India will attack his country again in the month of April.

Why this sudden change of heart? Has Khan been briefed about the imminent victory of the BJP? Is he attempting to build a conciliatory posture as a prelude to Government formation in India? Or, is he merely sending a message to the international community of being open to talks with India, especially the BJP, should it come to power?

Whatever he is doing would be with the consent of his boss, General Qamar Bajwa, Chief of the Pakistan Army!

So here is a counter message for the duo – You have to make good the promise of curbing terrorist activity against India from your country. No other diplomatic rhetoric and sweet talk is going to work out with the Indian leadership, definitely not with the BJP.


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