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77th Independence Day: Here is the full speech of Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha

77th Independence Day: Here is the full speech of Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha
Glimpses from 77th Independence Day Celebrations at Srinagar.
77th Independence Day: Here is the full speech of Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha

SRINAGAR: Here is the complete text of the speech that Lt Governor Manoj Sinha delivered on August 15, 2023, in Srinagar after unfurling the national flag.

My hearty greetings to all of you on the sacred occasion of Independence Day. It is a day of remembrance, dedication, and resolution for all Indians. I pay humble obeisance to our great ancestors, martyrs, and freedom fighters, the revered souls who had awakened the consciousness of this nation and guaranteed equality of all and empowerment of the poor and the underprivileged. They lit a spark of love for the motherland and waged a powerful struggle for freedom. Today, we salute our beloved tricolor and bow to self-sacrificing patriots and devoted men and women of ideas and ideals.

On the 77th anniversary of our Independence, I pay tribute to the brave soldiers of Jammu and Kashmir Police, the Central Security Forces and the armed forces. Their awe-inspiring courage, relentless bravery and selfless sacrifice in defense of the motherland have become the guiding light for the entire nation. Last year, on this very day, I had announced that a Balidaan Stambh shall be built in their honor and memory. This sacred pilgrimage, being developed in the heart of Srinagar, shall be our tribute to the Jawans of army, paramilitary forces, and police personnel who laid down their lives in combating terrorism, and it shall inspire the new generation to walk the righteous path.

The new generation is being enlightened about the sacrifices of our brave martyrs. They are being remembered and honored across Jammu and Kashmir to mark the celebration of Independence Day. The young generation is realizing the virtues of supreme sacrifice and remembering all those whose dedication and commitment kept our flag flying high and ensuring the society is on the road to progress. On this occasion, I bow down in reverence to the families of martyrs. We are continuously taking concrete measures for their families, so that they can live a life of comfort and dignity.

On this auspicious occasion, I want to assure our brave soldiers guarding the borders that citizens of Jammu and Kashmir and the entire nation, stand shoulder to shoulder with you. We believe in peace, we believe in Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam and mutual goodwill. We are fully committed to safeguard national interests and if provoked, we are capable of giving a befitting response to any attempt of aggression.

Brothers and sisters, three years ago, on this very day, I shared a dream of building a new Jammu and Kashmir with you, which harmonizes modernity and spirituality, which moves forward with unwavering passion and resolution. A Jammu and Kashmir which thrives in diversity and focuses on inner and outer growth with faith and humanity. A Jammu and Kashmir which cherishes equality, social justice and equal opportunities for all. A Jammu and Kashmir where the people are at peace and everyone has the freedom to live as they want.

A Jammu and Kashmir where the roaring sound of factories, the laughter of farmers, the soaring ambitions from playgrounds and music reverberating from lakes and rivers fills the sky. A Jammu and Kashmir which brings new hope for the youth, farmers and women. A Jammu and Kashmir which commands respect and which contributes extensively in the process of nation building. Brothers and sisters, Jammu and Kashmir has witnessed rapid growth over three successive years and we have been successful in realizing these resolutions to a certain extent. Wherever I go, I see our Union Territory on the move and various sectors are showing impressive growth. Yet, we have miles to go and many more milestones to achieve.

Three years ago, on this day, I said to you that I have no promises to make, but I have promises to keep. I have dedicated every moment of my life to keep those promises and to usher Jammu and Kashmir into a new era of peace and prosperity. Sincere efforts have been made for the welfare of the people; for ensuring peace in everyone’s lives, for bringing smiles on the faces of the people, for developing better infrastructure, to usher in a new green revolution, to make our businesses more prosperous, for boosting the granaries, to build an inclusive society, to bridge the gap between rural and urban areas and to reach out to the last man in the queue. My ultimate aim is to put a smile on the common man’s face. Every policy and every decision has been taken to ensure that all sections of society; farmers, soldiers, laborers, women, teachers, engineers, doctors and businessmen, are given a fair and equal opportunity for a brighter future, so that they can contribute in building a confident and self-reliant Jammu and Kashmir.

Jammu and Kashmir today is characterized by peace and inclusive development. The transformation and rapid progress in diverse sectors in the last three years is unprecedented in its history. There is renewed enthusiasm and vigour among entrepreneurs for industrialization. New roads, tunnels, railway lines, power projects, airport terminals, industrial estates and shopping malls are being constructed and all around us we are witnessing the emergence of prosperity and happiness. The hard work, dedication and determination of 1.3 crore citizens is shaping the new destiny of this beautiful Union Territory and the society, united with one resolve of Viksit Bharat is marching towards a golden future.

Last year, on this day, I gave a pledge to the people to build a fear-free, corruptionfree, employment-rich and drug-free Jammu and Kashmir. By dismantling the terror ecosystem, every citizen has been given the opportunity to live their lives fearlessly and on their own terms. Interventions of digital governance have eradicated the systemic corruption that was prevalent in our society, to a great extent. A historic 90% approval rating in delivery of online public services is a testimony to growing relationship and trust between government and the citizens. Apart from merit-based selections for 29,806 government jobs, countless selfemployment opportunities are being made available to kick start the entrepreneurial journeys of youth. Last year, 786 youth started their entrepreneurial journey. Dedicated efforts are being taken for a ‘Drug-free Jammu and Kashmir’. Drug-free Panchayat campaign has strengthened our fight against this menace at the grass root level. Increase in registration of cases, arrests and seizures under the PNDT Act, shows the commitment of administration towards realizing the goal of nasha-mukt Jammu and Kashmir.

Brothers and sisters, this paradise on earth has been the land of all spiritual streams since times immemorial. However, the terrorism exported by our neighboring country had tried to destroy the tranquility and cultural richness of this soil of ‘Peer Vaer’. Terrorism is one of the gravest threats to peace and progress. The ideology of terrorism and separatism is cancer for the society and all its forms have to be completely eliminated. We need to identify the remaining elements and isolate them. We need to stop using double standards for terrorism. A terrorist has to be called a terrorist. We are determined to take decisive and tough action against terrorism and strike the last nail in the coffin of terroristsecessionist ecosystem.

We have reignited love and brotherhood in this sacred soil of Adi Shankaracharya, Kalhana, Lalleshwari, Sheikh-ul-Alam, Syed Simnani, Mata Roop Bhavani and Sikh gurus and propagating the ageless ideals of humanism, communal harmony and peace. On this occasion, I am reminded of a poem by Shri Dinanath Koul “Nadim”-

हेल-मेल समवतन से दुिनया को समान बनाना है,

िहन्दू और मुसलमान को िफर से इंसान बनाना है, जहां िदलों का शौक एक हो, सब की एक प्रवृि रहे, जोश एक हो, होश एक हो, सबकी ममता वृि रहे, उसी जगह पर मुझे ार का देवान बनाना है,

िहन्दू और मुसलमान को िफर से इंसान बनाना है,

िहन्दू और मुसलमान को िफर से इंसान बनाना है।

11. With the timeless wisdom of saints, sufis and the spirit of brotherhood, harmony and mutual respect, we are rapidly marching forward to build Viksit Jammu and Kashmir. Overwhelming participation of citizens in the G20 Summit, Shri Amarnath Ji Yatra and Muharram procession after three decades, testify the beginning of a new era of peace and tranquility for the Union territory. Today, we stand firm in our determination to build the Jammu and Kashmir of our dreams.

Brothers and sisters, on this occasion we also need to remember that sacrifices were not limited to the freedom struggle in the past. We have to re-dedicate ourselves to serve the poorest of the poor and contribute to our nation’s progress.

On this auspicious day, I also urge every one of you to ask yourselves about the sacrifices you made in building Jammu and Kashmir of your dreams. What has been your contribution? What have you done for the welfare of society? These questions will inspire each one of us to serve the nation with renewed passion and vigor.

Today, on the 77th anniversary of our Independence, I call upon everyone in Jammu and Kashmir to realize their full potential and contribute in the resolution of ‘Viksit Bharat’ by 2047. We must resolve to work together to fulfill the vision and PanchPran of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji. I am confident that our collective efforts will result in far greater prosperity for Jammu and Kashmir.

Brothers and sisters, I am proud to announce that the participation level of J&K in Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav (AKAM) remained unparalleled and the UT organized highest number of events in the country under AKAM; consistently ranking first under this campaign.

Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav is concluding with the Meri Maati Mera Desh campaign, the biggest festival for the country which gives us an opportunity to pay homage to our motherland and its Veers; to honour and pay tribute to the freedom fighters, brave martyrs of the Indian freedom struggle. Let us all join together, hand in hand, with unity in our steps to march towards a bright future.

Brothers and sisters, 2023 has been recorded as a golden year for the Union territory. The successful G20 Summit, which saw massive public participation, testifies that the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir have broken their shackles and they are raring to scale new heights. Notwithstanding the conspiracies and attempts of the neighboring countries to disturb the event, representatives from 27 countries participated in this historic summit – a loud and clear message to our adversaries. The international community, for the first time experienced peace, prosperity, stability and aspirations of the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir, and witnessed the all round progress of the Union Territory.

The G20 Tourism Working Group Meeting not only strengthened diplomatic ties, but also opened new avenues for global partnership that will help in tapping the tourism potential of Jammu and Kashmir. I am proud to inform you that since the G20 event, there has been an increase of 59% in foreign tourist arrivals in Kashmir Valley, as compared to the previous year. Further, we have welcomed 1.27 crore tourists till July this year, another record in the history of the tourism sector.

Another milestone in the list of achievements of 2023 in Jammu and Kashmir is the ongoing Shri Amarnath Ji Yatra – 2023. This year’s yatra marks the longest pilgrimage of Baba Barfani in history. The message of peace and stability in Jammu and Kashmir has attracted devotees not only from various parts of the country but also from abroad, fulfilling the decades old wishes of local & foreign citizens. Our Shia brothers were able to take out the procession on traditional routes to pay tribute to the sacrifices of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) on Muharram after 34 years.

Brothers and sisters, we have adopted pragmatic approach to promote sustainable and equitable development to build a vibrant society and have achieved remarkable progress on all parameters of development. Better infrastructure, improved connectivity, rejuvenated tourism, new beginnings in the agriculture and allied sectors, emphasis on modern education, digital governance, energy security, health for all and preservation of heritage of handicrafts have been the hallmarks of our journey.

These achievements have led to inclusive and sustainable development and created a robust economy that offers equal opportunities, generates more income in rural areas, access to appropriate technology, access to institutional credit, created wealth for society and ensured effective and efficient public service delivery system.

We are witnessing fast economic development and rapid social change. GST collection during the financial year 2022-23 was Rs. 7300 crores, and SGST cash collection in the last quarter has shown a remarkable 35% increase. Stamp duty collection has registered a growth of 10.8% during the current financial year. The new Jammu and Kashmir Excise Policy 2023-2024 has facilitated revenue collection of Rs. 767.89 crores, registering a whopping increase of 66.23%.

Brothers and sisters, over the last three years, we have diligently infused new momentum in projects that were stalled for decades. Under the Prime Minister’s Development Program, 32 projects, out of the sanctioned 53, have been completed and out of the remaining 21 projects, 13 projects shall be completed during the current financial year.

Three years ago, I had emphasized that on a new blueprint of infrastructural development at the grassroots levels. Today, infrastructure projects worth Rs. 1.5 lakh crores are under execution. The construction of 15 road projects under

PMDP, 21 new tunnels, 39 new flyovers, 26 bypasses and 2 ring roads will prove to be the new foundation of modern and AatmNirbhar Jammu and Kashmir. We are spending Rs. 519 crores per month on roads, buildings, macadamization and construction of rural bridges.

Infrastructural gaps in 4291 panchayats are being addressed through the Aspirational Panchayat Development Program. J&K has achieved 97% of the targets set under PMGSY-I & II by constructing 7000 km of roads during the last 3 years. We have provided roads to 98% habitations eligible under this scheme. 1273 projects worth Rs. 4994.58 crores have been approved under NABARD, which shall provide connectivity to a further 1039 villages for the first time after independence. Keeping in view the massive infrastructural expansion, we have decided to re-organize the PW (R&B) department from this auspicious day of 15th August, for better monitoring and faster implementation of all projects.

Jammu and Srinagar smart cities are competing to carve their own place among the cleanest and most beautiful cities of the country. The city of Srinagar and its urban transformation is being considered as a role model for metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai. Under the Smart City Mission, 159 projects worth Rs 2861.71 crores have been completed and the remaining 102 projects, costing Rs 4354.18 crores, are under execution. Elevated Metrolite scheme has been proposed for both Jammu and Srinagar.

Two years ago, on this very day, we had decided to forge ahead with industrialization and the development of a knowledge-based economy. We were well aware of the challenges because industry sector was neglected for decades. In a short span of time, we have not just triumphed over difficulties, we have achieved much. Today, Jammu and Kashmir is standing at the threshold of an industrial revolution.

Industrial investment of over Rs 27,000 crores has been approved so far, including record private investment of Rs 2153.45 crores in the last financial year. J&K has received investment proposals worth over Rs 80,000 crores till July 31, 2023.

The first Foreign Direct Investment proposal in the Union territory was approved earlier this year. Land has been allotted to Emaar Group for constructing a 1 million sq. ft. shopping mall in Srinagar and land for construction of two IT towers, one each in Srinagar and Jammu has also been allocated to the Emaar group. We have been ranked second among Union territories in NITI Aayog’s Export Preparedness Ranking. We are the first UT to be integrated with the National Single Window System in Ease of Doing Business.

More than 175 services are being provided through a single window system. 19 new industrial estates are being developed. GI tagging of 7 crafts has been approved. Handicraft exports have registered twice the growth in 2022-23 as compared to 2021-22. I assure all artisans of Jammu & Kashmir that we are fully committed to honor and nurture your skills and to provide you with access to the global market. Thousands of village units have been set up under PMEGP and countless employment opportunities have been made available to the youth and artisans.

Regressive land laws have been abolished. Land owners have been empowered while strict action is being taken against land mafia. We have retrieved illegally occupied land from the influential people who had encroached upon this valuable resource. I have always emphasized that the poor and deprived has the first right on Government resources. The land that has been freed from encroachers shall be used for the welfare of the poor and downtrodden.

The new era of development and prosperity has brought new hope amongst the marginalized section of the society. Pucca houses bring in a sense of stability in their lives and augment overall development of the family. To fulfill their dreams of owning a house, we have decided to allot 5 marlas land to each landless eligible Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (G) beneficiary that will ensure house is constructed under the scheme.

Overall, 3.39 lakh houses have been sanctioned under PMAY(G) scheme and construction of 1.74 lakh houses has been completed. In the year 2023-24, sanction has been accorded to the construction of 1.99 lakh houses under the PMAY (G) scheme. I believe it is our sacred duty to empower the deprived sections of society and provide them with new opportunities so that their potential can be harnessed and channelized in the right direction for nation building.

The three-tier Panchayati Raj system is playing a pivotal role in the developmental journey of Jammu and Kashmir. This year, three of our panchayats have received National Awards. 6400 elected representatives were deputed for capacity building and exposure visits to other parts of the country. Under the Rashtriya Gram Swaraj Abhiyan, construction of 500 Panchayat houses has been approved during the current financial year. An outlay of Rs. 862 crore for MGNREGA has been approved, generating 200 lakh mandays. I congratulate Team Jammu and Kashmir for achieving ODF+ status.

Our aim is women-led development. It is the women entrepreneurs in the far-flung rural areas, who keep the wheels of socioeconomic progress moving, helping the administration to reduce the disparities, inequalities in the society for accelerated growth with equity. Around 6.5 lakh women associated with Self-Help-Groups in Jammu and Kashmir have transformed the rural economy, creating jobs and some have also shown the potential to scale-up their enterprises. 7000 village organizations and 503 cluster level federations have been constituted to bolster the women entrepreneurship.

The unprecedented progress and growth in Agriculture and Allied sectors in the Union Territory is a testimony to our resolve that there should be prosperity in all the farming households and the steady, viable and profitable farming should inspire the young generations to take up farming. Sustained efforts of the administration have resulted in agricultural prosperity, which has given a new hope to farming families constituting 70% of our population. Pulses Revolution, Milk Revolution, Yellow Revolution, and improvements in horticulture sector have ushered in new hope for a bright and prosperous future for farmers of Jammu and Kashmir.

With the aim of transforming subsistence agriculture into sustainable commercial agri-economy with inbuilt functional value chain, and to set the agriculture and its allied sectors on a rapid growth trajectory, a Holistic Agriculture and Allied Sector Program, with an outlay of Rs. 5013 crores, is being implemented.

Our goal is to double agricultural production through the meticulously curated 29 interventions under this project, which shall also create around 3 lakh new jobs, establish 18,861 new business enterprises and increase the Gross State Domestic Product by more than Rs 28,000 crores. In the horticulture sector, a focused campaign has been launched for high density plantation of 11 fruits other than apple. Capacity of 2 lakh metric tonnes of CA storage has been developed. These combined efforts shall increase the income of agricultural families and ensure equitable growth of all stakeholders.

I strongly believe that the path of all-round development passes through a strong agriculture economy. Our dream is not only to build a strong farming ecosystem, but also to create opportunity for food processing units. A new initiative has yielded positive results and applications received from 270 entrepreneurs have been approved.

Special attention is being given to the livestock sector and millet cultivation. Innovation and research are being promoted in agriculture and allied sectors. More than 12 lakh farmers have been provided Kisan Credit Cards for easy credit access and assistance worth Rs. 2512 crores has been delivered directly in the accounts of farmers under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi.

Reforms in the Cooperative sector have started to yield results. More than one thousand cooperative societies have been established in various sectors like poultry, dairy, agriculture, consumer, housing, health and education. Three District Cooperative Banks – Jammu Central Cooperative Bank, Baramulla Central Cooperative Bank and Anantnag Central Cooperative Bank have been revived. Apex Level Dairy Federation has been established in Jammu and Kashmir after 27 years. Computerization of 537 Primary Agricultural Credit Societies is underway, which shall also help in realizing the vision of Hon’ble Union Home and Cooperative Minister, Shri Amit Shah of establishing the world’s largest grain storage. I have full faith that Village Cooperative Societies and Agriculture Cooperative Societies shall drive the change at grassroot level.

Health care of every citizen is one of our foremost priorities. Around 4000 health facilities have been developed and five new medical colleges have been made functional. In the field of medical education, 500 MBBS seats have been increased to 1300. 3000 health and wellness centers have been set up. 83 lakh golden cards have been issued. Under various healthcare programmes, Rs 2 crores per day is being spent on the healthcare of the people. In the category of universal health insurance coverage, Jammu and Kashmir has been adjudged the top performer among all UTs. Jammu and Kashmir is among the top 5 performers in the country on key health parameters. We have also launched the country’s first Tele-Manas chat bot. Today, a fleet of 480 geo tagged ambulances are operating under the ‘Online 102/108 initiative’.

The power sector has been transformed. Pakal Dul, Kiru, Ratle and Kwar Mega Hydro Projects are progressing at a breakneck speed, and are likely to be completed by 2025-26. With the completion of these projects J&K will gain an additional power capacity of about 3400 MW that will significantly reduce our energy constraints.

2345 MVA capacity has been added in the distribution sector to provide better power supply to the people. 8550 new distribution transformers have also been installed in a record time of four months. The implementation of Smart Metering is a significant step towards reducing losses, better demand management and achieving 24×7 power supply for all.

Dear brothers and sisters, the Tourism Working Group Meeting has given a new recognition to the Union territory on the world tourism map. Peace and stability have taken this sector to new heights. Last year, a record 1.88 crore tourists had visited Jammu and Kashmir and till July this year, 1.27 crore tourists have already visited the UT. There has been a 350% increase in foreign tourist arrivals as compared to last year.

While preserving the cultural heritage of Jammu and Kashmir, 300 new destinations and sites are being developed. Tourism sector has been granted the status of industry, and we have launched a new home-stay policy, film policy and established tented colonies to strengthen the economy and create new employment opportunities for the youth and the people associated with the hospitality sector.

Jammu and Kashmir is emerging as a role model in the country for digital governance with focus on transparency, accountability and citizen-centric approach to delivering public services. Many steps have been taken to ensure corruption-free Jammu and Kashmir and increased ease of living of citizens. The Union territory is top ranked among UTs in e-governance. With an average of 20 lakh e-transactions per day, we are competing with developed states. Delivering efficient, effective, and accountable governance is our top priority.

480 government offices have been connected with e-office. 722 online services are being made available to people. 301 services have been integrated with the Rapid Assessment System. Jammu and Kashmir is the first in the country to integrate Service Plus platform with the auto appeal feature and linking 300 services with it. Under the Public Service Guarantee Act, time limits for service delivery have been notified.

Brothers and sisters, Jammu and Kashmir is making its mark as a new powerhouse in the field of sports. Our young talented players are excelling at national and international level. To provide facilities to the talented sports persons, 702 infrastructure projects relating to sports facilities have been completed and indoor sports halls are being constructed in all the districts. 60 lakh youth of Jammu and Kashmir actively participated in sports activities organized over the last year. Besides, 18 National Games and 1 International Tournament were also organized in Jammu and Kashmir. More than 25,000 players represented J&K in regional and National level competitions last year.

All schemes relating to social welfare have been completely digitized. Senior Citizen Homes have been set up in 18 districts. Schemes for the welfare of the disabled and the underprivileged shall be saturated soon. 1819 Sangini and 2611 Sahayika under Aangawadi have been appointed recently.

Peace and stability have kindled new hopes of a bright future for the coming generation, schools and colleges are functional throughout the year now, and the future of a modern Jammu and Kashmir is being shaped by the implementation of the National Education Policy. Special emphasis is being laid on new skills, research, innovation and future technology under the guidance of the Higher Education Council. Common

University Entrance Test has been adopted for admission to undergraduate, integrated, postgraduate, diploma, certification courses and research programs in degree colleges. Uniform academic calendar has been adopted in all higher educational institutions. Gyanodaya Express will provide new opportunities to the students to explore wealth of knowledge and learning beyond the four walls of class rooms.

Design Your Degree initiative is triggering the curiosity of educationists from across the country. In the school education sector, emphasis has been laid on Early Childhood Education. Pre-primary classes have been started in more than 15,000 schools. School enrollment has increased by 17.2% due to the Aao School Chale campaign. Through Talaash app, more than 95,000 out of school children have been identified and efforts are being made to re-enroll them in schools. Virtual reality labs are being set up in each district with the aim of developing scientific temper among students. Prioritizing the education of girls, 35 girls’ hostels have been constructed. Quality education is being ensured for every section of our society.

We are working tirelessly for the holistic development of tribal communities, providing and securing their rights, promoting entrepreneurship amongst tribal youth and women, identifying challenges, pursuing research activities for capacity building for the social, economic and educational empowerment of our tribal community. Eight new hostels have been inaugurated and foundation stones of 25 hostels have been laid.

Besides, 200 smart schools have been developed for better arrangements for the education of the future generations of the tribal community. Last year, a new record was set when the Government of Jammu and Kashmir granted scholarships to the tune of Rs 32.50 crores to tribal students and this year, an outlay of 52 crores has been decided for disbursement among tribal students. After the successful launch of various schemes like HOST-50, TOP-50 and STARS-100, administration has launched a new scholarship scheme LAW20 for tribal students enrolled in law degrees and courses. 6 Eklavya Residential Model Schools and 1873 Seasonal Schools have been established for ensuring quality education for tribal migratory students. Smartcards are being provided to all migrant families. For the health care of 4 lakh migrant tribal population, 9 mobile medical units and 17 tribal sub-centres have been set-up. Van Dhan Vikas Kendras are being established under the Pradhan Mantri Van Dhan Yojana for empowerment of women of tribal community.

We are firmly committed to the welfare of Kashmir Pandit brothers and sisters and ensuring justice to Pandit community members whose land and houses were illegally occupied and to those who had to sell their land under duress. The process of construction of houses for Kashmiri Pandit Government employees has been expedited and we are committed to execute all the projects within the timeframe. The issues of Kashmiri Pandit community, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and West Pakistan refugee families are being resolved through the Special Governance Camps, for which, programmes were organized in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Pune, Haridwar, Chandigarh and Pathankot.

Brothers and sisters, in the last three years, we have built a Jammu and Kashmir, which is aspirational, by focusing on balanced development that benefits all sections of society and shaping the glorious future of the Union Territory. The revival of ageless cultural ethos, renewed vigor in the society, return of cinema have created a new atmosphere, and ushered in a new era of hope and dreams. Every section of the society is now a guardian for the new generation. We need to think about the kind of world we want to leave for our youth. It should be our top priority and on this auspicious day, I call upon every section of society to create new opportunities for youth, in which every department will play an active role. Our second prime objective is to ensure socioeconomic empowerment of women and their due rights so that they can shape the future of this Union Territory and also contribute in nation building. Along with economic independence, the safety of daughters, mothers and sisters, and guaranteed social rights need to be ensured.

Let us build a Jammu and Kashmir in which our Nari-Shakti are able to realize their full potential. Let us build a Jammu and Kashmir which has only one religion – India; let us build a Jammu and Kashmir which has only one caste – Humanity; let us build a Jammu and Kashmir which has one goal – Unity and

Integrity of the country; let us build a Jammu and Kashmir, where different languages sing one tune – Vijay Vishwa Tiranga Pyaara. Let us together build a glorious future of Jammu and Kashmir.

है फू ट रही लािलमा, ितिमर की टूट रही घन कारा है,

जय हो, िक ग से छू ट रही आशीष की

ोितधारा है,

बज रहे िकरण के तार, गूँजती है अंबर की गली-गली,

आकाश िहलोर लेता है, अिणमा बाँध धारा


मंगल-मुत, रिव उगो, हमारे ण ये बड़े

िनराले ह,

हम बत िदनों के बाद िवजय का शंख

फूँ कने वाले ह,

हो जहाँ स की िचंगारी, सुलगे, सुलगे, वह

ाल बने,

खोजे अपना उष अभय, दुदात िशखा

िवकराल बने,

आगे वह ल पुकार रहा, हाँकते हवा पर

यान चलो,

सुरधनु पर धरते ए चरण, मेघों पर गाते गान चलो,

बदली थी जो पीछे छू टी, सामने रहा वह तारा है,

आकाश चीरते चलो, अभी आगे आदश

तुारा है,

आकाश चीरते चलो,अभी आगे आदश

तुारा है।

Come; let all of us together raise our voices in saying:

Bharat Maata ki Jai!

Bharat Maata ki Jai!

Bharat Maata ki Jai!

Jai Hind!

























































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77th Independence Day: Here is the full speech of Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha